Hi, I'm Ashley!

I'm the owner and creator behind Kandelita Company. I am a second-generation Filipino American born in San Francisco, but I grew up here in Elk Grove, California. I have been greatly influenced by my cultural upbringing, so it's exciting to be able to have it as my source material for candlemaking.

I know that the smell of "home" can vary greatly across cultures. I wanted to create something special and nostalgic for Filipinos living overseas. Each fragrance is curated to celebrate and uplift Southeast Asian culture through fragrance and home decor.

Smells like home

I started making candles during 2020's lockdowns when I was missing the closeness of big family parties. Through candlemaking, I learned that scent is very closely related to memory, so what better way to recreate the feeling of togetherness than with a scented candle?

After lots of trial and error and blending my own fragrances that were not yet available on the market, I opened up Kandelita Company in August 2021.

About our products

Our candles are made with a premium blend of American grown soy wax. Each candle is labeled, wicked, poured, weighed, and packaged by hand. We are a very small production team (AKA it's just me!) so every batch is created in a small scale.

Each of our candle recipes is test burned strenuously for safety and quality.

And yes, each individual fragrance has its own recipe. ✨


When I'm not making candles, I enjoy reading, playing videogames and hanging out with my kids. I am married and we have an amazing Mexipino family! I love iced coffee and spicy food. I'm a pisces sun, scorpio moon and gemini rising/mars.

My personal favorite candles from my own collection are buko pandan, ube and bahay kubo.

I've been collecting indie perfumes long before attempting to create my own candles. I am a fan of unconventional scented products (but especially ones that smell like food!)