About Us

Who We Are

Kandelita Company was founded with the new generations of Filipinx Americans in mind. Our products are designed to bring a sense of familiarity and belonging to a community that has long endured identity erasure and the rippling effects of colonization. We aim to celebrate home and heritage through fragrance and sustainability. 

About Our Founder

My name is Ashley and I founded Kandelita Company with a simple concept: redefining what "home" smells like and what that means for people of different cultural backgrounds. Scents are intrinsically tied to memory and the emotions that come with them. 

During quarantine of 2020, I contemplated the connection between scents, memories and culture. After missing large family gatherings and the feeling of togetherness, I wanted to help others feel more connected too. Specifically, I wanted to create and share something inspired by my own Filipino American upbringing. A candle that smells like pumpkin pie is nice, but doesn't remind me of home the way that a steamed leche flan or a freshly sliced mango would.  

I also wanted to build my business with sustainability in mind. From the plant-based wax, lead-free cotton wicks, biodegradable packing materials and the recyclable candle jars, these are all conscious decisions intended to leave as small of a carbon footprint as possible. 

I hope that you will find something that gives you a pleasantly nostalgic feeling, or that you might be adventurous enough to try something new!